Need to forget.

I’ll train my eyes not to look for you..and chase your ghost from my thoughts..I’ll try to remember to forget..

I’ll not think of what could have been..nor will I hope for anything more..You have abandoned every possibility that once lived so richly in my heart. I can’t allow a dream to haunt me anymore. It’s too painful to keep letting go of what never truly was..So I’ll remember to forget… I hoped to salvage our friendship..I thought it meant as much to you as it did to me, but I am leaving everything behind me for once and for all and I’ll remember to forget. My door will inevitably be open to once opened I can not shut one out, but that place..that blooming place we never really dwelled in together is closed now. I need to forget.

It’s that emotional time of the month. Yippie! lol I’ve been doing my philosophy homework for the last ..well all day and I’m still not done. I’ve let the past sneak in again and drain my concentration. I was doing really well blocking it all out..last months talk..the words I didn’t want to want to hear..all the bullshit. But it snuck back in after a horrible nightmare I had.. :/ I guess it’s just another stumbling block I have to get over..I don’t want to keep looking back or moreover thinking back! I’m much too good of a person to let this turn me into less of an achiever. I’ve also noticed that when this shit comes to mind my wisdom tooth starts aching..stress I guess flares the nerves..It’s good to get this out, but it’s kinda annoying that it’s still there to be extracted. I just want this whole thing dissolved for once and for all. In time. I know in time it will. I want to do my part to help it along though. Deep breath and keep moving onward..


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